UXValue as a tool for prioritize bugs

ux-value-bugs-uxladyIn daily agile development experience, sometime as a UX responsible it is quite difficult to follow the track to everythings is happened with the product and make sure that the user’s voice is there when needed. In my own experience bug assessment is a tricky one, especially if you are in a early development stage of a product. So trying to find a quick and practical way to measure a bug relevance from user experience point of view but also business/product goals, I develop this matrix for my own. After many bugs turn out to work quite good and result very practical both for me as the PO (Product Owner). So, Why don’t try it yourself?

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“100 Things Every Designer needs to know about people” and 5 things you should remember when designing

booknotes-100thingsInaugurating Book notes section, here you have some notes from a great book  for your UX-library!.

Susan M. Weinschenk has a PhD. in Psychology and it shows, because most of the concept she writes about in his books “100 Things Every Designer need to know about people” came from the Cognitive Science field as psychology, neuroscience, linguistics and some other from Human Factors and Marketing research. The book is oriented to a better understanding of people filling the gaps that normally designers have around human nature from a neuronal, psychological and social point of view.

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DIY Experience Map

“Baking an Experience Map”

Experience Maps are a well known and useful UX tool, but the truth is that when it’s time to get one’s hands dirty aren’t easy to solve. The options are too many and the models so varied that making the right decisions can be really complicated, if you aren’t experienced enough in the end the best case scenario will result in an irrelevant Experience Map, and in the worst case with nothing…

But fear not! Today I will share with you my personal recipe to bake an Experience Map or User Journey

Experience maps and User journeys how to

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Hello world!

I’m Silvana Churruca an User Experience Designer going to Strategist currently working for Softonic.com.

This is my first blog! I finally decided to move all my google Drive files into public and share with you some reflections, insights or tips about my daily work and passion. If you don’t find a logic path in this blog it is because I’m just following what are working on at that time, or some pics from the past.

Hope you find this useful and enjoyable!