Just can’t get enough… of Human Factors resources!

human-factors-webcastsFor some time I have been studying the Podcasts and Webcasts from Human Factors International, and I say studying because just looking is not enough! (Specially if you check the Webcast, extensive and full of examples).

If you do not know or have not seen them yet, drop by the webcast and podcast section of Human Factors International, totally worth it! (some of them are old but still in force!)

Next you have just some of my favourites (from both the webcast and from their youtube channel)

Human Factors Podcasts and Webcasts

1. About UX Strategy: “Don’t build a usable wrong thing…”

2.  About Persuasive Design: “The process of persuasive design in six steps…”

3. About what they call: PET Design, designing for Persuasion, Emotion an Trust.

Really interesting webcast, the first one conducted by Susan M. Weinschenk with a lot of examples and a great introduction.

Link to the Webcasts: “Why usability is no longer enough: The need for Persuasion, Emotion, & Trust (PET Design™)”


Link to Webcasts: “The Science of Persuasive Design: Convincing is Converting”


3 thoughts on “Just can’t get enough… of Human Factors resources!

  1. Definitely agree! I love their resources. Although, I think the link to the past webcasts doesn’t work. The issue must be on their end.

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