DIY User Personas

User Personas How to

Probably you already know what a persona is –if don’t check this -, and probably you, like me, build your first persona using some of the thousands personas layout you can find in the internet. But as has happened to me you’ve probably also discovered this is not easy work…

But you know, I love recipes, so here you have my own recipe to build user personas, step by step including 10 elements your persona should have.

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DIY Experience Map

“Baking an Experience Map”

Experience Maps are a well known and useful UX tool, but the truth is that when it’s time to get one’s hands dirty aren’t easy to solve. The options are too many and the models so varied that making the right decisions can be really complicated, if you aren’t experienced enough in the end the best case scenario will result in an irrelevant Experience Map, and in the worst case with nothing…

But fear not! Today I will share with you my personal recipe to bake an Experience Map or User Journey

Experience maps and User journeys how to

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