About me


I’m Silvana Churruca a User Experience Designer going to Strategist currently working for Softonic.com.

I’m a UX Designer with a strong multidisciplinary background: starting with Graphic Design, Arts and Communications, and later specializing in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media, Product and Project Design Management and Communication Design Theory.

I love to read and learn from everything. In my leisure time I work on craft projects or restoring furniture.

More about my background in my Linkedin profile if you want to ask something just write me.

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6 thoughts on “About me

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  2. Your Blogs are really informative and written in very simple language. Keep Writing and sharing the knowledge. I would want to connect to you on the linkedin Hope that should be fine. Thanks.

  3. Silvana, I use your webpage for my studies. I am a Communication Design Student. The informations you offer are straight on point and easy to understand even for me as a Rookie. I appreciate this work of yours a lot. Therefore thank you very much! Regards from Munich

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